Scopely has acquired the Barcelona-based game studio Omnidron

Scopely, an American multinational in the mobile video game sector with presence in Spain since 2017, has acquired the Barcelona-based Omnidrone, a video game developer focused on tablets and mobile platforms.  


Approximately 120 Omnidrone employees join Scopely’s large and growing presence in Spain. Scopely already operates two hub locations in Barcelona with around 570 employees and another in Seville that are home to teams across multiple specialties including engineering, data analysis and analytics, creative services, customer support, and more. 


The city of Barcelona is also home to the Scopely Studio Parallel, which creates and live-operates “Yahtzee With Buddies” and “Scrabble GO,” and a GSN Games team, who is working across games and technology.  


The video game industry in Barcelona is one of the most dynamic sectors in the digital content field, positioning itself as the driving force for the digital economy. Over recent years, major gaming companies have chosen Barcelona as their headquarters for product, innovation, and creative development. The access to highly talented, adaptive and creative professionals, as well as the ability to retain this talent, have fostered their development over the years. 


As well, Barcelona has a widely respected tradition in the animation industry. This tradition has propelled the city to have more presence of training workshops and more job offers compared to other European cities.