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At Barcelona & Partners we listen carefully to your growth plans, we analyze with you how our research ecosystems, private corporations and local and European financing instruments can be a trigger for your decision.

In short, we contribute to the success of your investment project and its landing in Barcelona.
We collaborate with you in three steps:
01/ Opportunity Definition
02/ Project Definition
03/ Project Building
Opportunity Definition
We help you to consider Barcelona as the place to be.

You share with us your goals, your expansion plans and your needs. We prepare a draft of the possible scenarios to analyze and how the Barcelona & Partners value proposition can help you make the decision.


At the first stage of our relationship, we want to help you navigate through the value proposition of our city, understanding its full potential. We can also help by defining the opportunity: from the analysis of your business objectives to the draft of feasible scenarios. 

Project Definition
We collaborate with you in defining the project.

We understand the importance of a corporate investment operation.


We are willing to support in key aspects of the project definition phase:

  • Screening of partnership opportunities with local ecosystem
  • Financing facilities
  • Location analysis
Project Building
We do support you in the execution of your landing project.
  • Access to a project specific key account manager 
  • Liaison with business landing agencies
  • Advice on developing public and private partnerships
  • Enablement of quality service providers
  • Support in sourcing and recruiting top talent