/ Our City, Barcelona

where talent chooses to live and work


most attractive city in the world to live and work in

+ 122,185
digital tech talent
+33% international
(+12.1% from London)
+ 140
Global corporates Tech hubs
/ Your future in Europe, happens in Barcelona

A global city with highly skilled talent, entrepreneurship ecosystem and great quality of life.

/ Key Figures
270.7 Bn€
(Metropolitan Area)
of foreign
A great city to power your global growth
most attractive city in the world for talent 
/ A symbol of the Mediterranean quality of life
+ 2,80030 
Hours of
sunshine a year
Km of
Km of
bicycle lines
Most sporting city
in the world
/ A pool of talent

The availability of highly skilled talent, with a wide variety of profiles, is one of the strengths of Barcelona’s ecosystem.

University students

Nearly 70,000 people in the process of earning their master’s and PhD degrees.

+ 26,600
international students
One of the only 2 cities with 2 educational institutions among the 10 best business schools in Europe

2nd in Europe
and 3rd worldwide


10th in Europe
and 30th worldwide


30th in Europe

Top 20
worldwide in scientific academic production

Female employment in the high tech sector is the highest in Europe (accounting 39.7% of the total)

/ A city with a vibrant start-up scene

Barcelona is one of the most innovative cities in Europe and an ideal location to expand your business. 

+2,102 Startups
(71% work with Industry 4.0 technologies and 91% invest in R&D)
2nd favourite EU

hub of founders for setting up a startup

2nd EU hub

with the highest number of startup founders among alumni from local universities

7 unicorns and 12 soonicorns identified
/ A connected hub

Barcelona is the ideal place for interacting with the world as a main city of the Western Mediterranean and Western Europe.

A European gateway to the world

Just a few cities in the world have an international airport, a port, a trade fair and a free-trade and logistical-activities platform within such a small radius as 5 kilometers, making Barcelona an excellent communicated city.

7 th
busiest airport in Europe by passenger traffic
passengers and

70.9M tones of cargo transported
TOP 10
Port in Europe with the higher container traffic
passengers and

3.5M containers
/ A powerhouse for European dynamic industry

+9,155 foreign companies

1st city in Europe with the best strategy for attracting foreign investment

7th  region in the world for attracting foreign direct investments

/ A collaborative mindset

As an entrepreneurial hub, Barcelona distinguishes itself by embodying a collaborative spirit from a business perspective, fostering synergies and partnerships for collective success.​ 

The city boasts a range of business associations and curated events like MWC, ISE that allow efficient relationship networking. 

/ Unique access to funding

Spain (alongside Italy) is receiving the largest share of Next Generation EU funds (€140Bn) – specifically destined to strategic cornerstones defined by the European Union such as semiconductors, among others.