Barcelona, the city for future-ready Tech hubs by Barcelona & Partners and Accenture

We are excited to share this video summarizing our recent tech hub roundtable, titled «Barcelona, the city for future-ready Tech hubs». We co-organized the event with our partner, Accenture.

During the session we had the opportunity to discuss the current state of the tech industry in Barcelona, including the challenges and opportunities the city faces, with leading senior executives from global companies. All the insights and challenges identified during the gathering will be addressed in an action plan and will be furthered discuss in a second session with the aim of making Barcelona more attractive for talent and business.

With a thriving innovation scene and a remarkable talent pool, Barcelona has become a leading tech hub. Over the last 5 years, the number of technology hubs in Barcelona and Catalonia has more than doubled, reaching one hundred hubs. Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of scale-ups and multinational companies that have continued to invest in our city. All of this is positioning Barcelona as a benchmark technology city.

However, Barcelona needs to continue working to position itself as a leading tech hub and to create, retain, and attract impactful talent. Stronger collaboration with academic institutions and public-private partnerships were some of the topics highlighted by the attendees in our first session and these are areas that we will work on improving.

Having inspiring sessions like this allows us to understand first-hand the needs and challenges faced by innovative companies that are committed to our city, and together we can continue to make Barcelona the best city for impactful talent.

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to such a great session. Looking forward to seeing you in the next session: Marc Ferre Hausmann from BayerGaston Besanson from PepsiCoNicolas Cosqueric from DanoneSusana Pastor from NestléTobias Haug from SAPGuillem Vila Palau from Ocado TechnologyEulàlia Nadal from GBfoods and Mercè Conesa Pagès from Barcelona Global, Joan Sendra and Rodrigo Álvarez from Accenture.

And many thanks to our partner Accenture for this video and for helping us make this meeting possible.

At Barcelona & Partners we aim to keep growing the number of companies willing to invest in our city and make Barcelona, a global tech reference.

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