Sandsoft opens a major new mobile game development studio in Barcelona

Great news is on the horizon for the gaming community in Barcelona as Sandsoft, a prominent mobile game developer, publisher, and investor, has officially announced the establishment of a significant new mobile game development studio in the heart of the city. This move not only marks a pivotal moment for the Barcelona gaming ecosystem but also signifies Sandsoft’s ambitious global expansion plans.


About Sandsoft: A Mobile-First Gaming Powerhouse

Sandsoft stands as a dynamic force in the gaming industry, driven by world-leading talent. With a focus on mobile-first game development, the company has earned a reputation for creating immersive gaming experiences that captivate audiences worldwide. As a developer, publisher, and investor, Sandsoft is at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to redefine the gaming landscape.


Barcelona: Sandsoft’s European Hub

The announcement of Sandsoft’s new studio in Barcelona reinforces the city’s growing status as a key player in the global gaming arena. Sandsoft Barcelona is set to become the company’s European hub, aligning with their overarching strategy to establish themselves as a dominant force in the international gaming scene. This strategic move is expected to not only contribute to the local economy but also elevate Barcelona’s prominence in the global gaming industry.


Steady Growth and Job Creation

As part of its expansion plan, Sandsoft Barcelona anticipates steady growth over the next three years, creating a promising outlook for the local job market. The studio is set to generate approximately 60 new roles, providing exciting opportunities for professionals in various facets of game development, from coding and design to marketing and management.


Meet Pasqual Batalla: Sandsoft’s Chief Operations Officer

Pasqual Batalla, our ambassador, currently holds the position of Chief Operations Officer at Sandsoft Games. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise, contributing to the success and strategic direction of Sandsoft’s operations in Barcelona.