Barcelona, a booming tech and digital hub

Ending 2023 is probably a good time to review why Barcelona is consolidating itself as a thriving tech hub. Proof of this is the increasing number of multinational companies that have continued investing in our city this year 2023.

International presence  

2023 started with positive signs in terms of investment. So far this year, international innovative companies such as AstraZeneca, FunPlus, Fujitsu, Berry Global, Rovio, Lufthansa, Boehringer Ingelheim, Roche, Infinity Ward, Panattoni among others, have chosen Barcelona to establish their hub for research and innovation and increased their operations locally.

A pool of tech talent

The access to highly skilled talent but also the ability to attract and retain it, at competitive cost, is one of the strengths of Barcelona and one of the main reasons foreign companies keep deciding to establish in the city. This attribute ranks Barcelona as TOP 10 most attractive global cities for Digital Talent, according to Boston Consulting Group.  

An entrepreneurial mindset

Barcelona is one of Europe’s top cities in the startup. With over 2,000 startups and 7 unicorns calling it home, Barcelona has become a top destination for founders looking to establish their startup ventures. Nowadays, the city is ranked second position as the preferred European location for startup founders.  With a thriving innovation scene and a remarkable talent pool, the city has become a global target for technological investment with the best strategy in all of Europe.  

Barcelona & Partners 

Talent is one of the key drivers that companies with strategic plans decide to choose our city. This is precisely where Barcelona & Partners was born. Its mission is to identify and attract innovative companies that match with the city’s value proposition and assist them from a 360-degree point of view: from project ideation all the way to their landing- all the necessary steps and elements for their businesses to excel from our city to the rest of the world.