The multinational German Festo opens its Global Digital Sales Hub in Barcelona

Barcelona is becoming one of the trend hotspots for multinational corporations, such as Festo, the global player in automation and technical education, that has decided to open its Global Digital Sales Hub in Barcelona. With its dynamic environment and the start-up metropolis, the city offers the best conditions for this.


Barcelona is one of the trends hotspots 

Among the more than 250 delegations that Festo has around the world, the multinational has chosen Barcelona as the headquarters of its new hub for its dynamism, its link with digital trends and the local and international talent present in the city. 


“I was a fan of this idea right from the start. At Festo Spain, we have been very successfully exploiting the potential of the universities in Barcelona and the existing tech environment there for several years now. Barcelona is a highly attractive location for international talent as well as tech companies bringing many advantages for our project.”, says Xavier Segura, Managing Director of Festo’s Spain. 


“We had the opportunity to locate the Digital Sales Hub in the same building as our Spanish subsidiary. This allows us to take advantage of the proximity to the operating business of an innovative national company and its customers. With the support of Festo Spain, we are also recruiting the right specialists locally,” explains Viktor Nordstrom, Head of the Digital Sales Hub Barcelona.


In addition to the headquarters in Germany, the hub is another base in the area of digital sales with a strong focus on analytics and innovation. This allows Festo to pick up on new trends very quickly with developers on site and test them in pilot projects together with the Spanish national company and its customers.


The German company has made an investment of almost 3 million euros for the implementation of the Digital Sales Hub, which will employ 50 people and its activity is divided into four functional areas: Data Analyst, programming, Customer Care and Innovation. The activity of the Barcelona-based hub is directly connected to the company’s headquarters in Germany, which supports the more than 250 delegations that Festo has around the world.