Alliance Healthcare installs a Global Center of Excellence in Barcelona

Alliance Healthcare, the international provider of pharmaceutical wholesaling, logistics and clinical trial support has opened its new corporate headquarters and logistic centre in Barcelona, which also centralizes a global center of excellence for clinical trials and patient support programs with more than 500 clinical trials per year. 


Barcelona is located in a strategic geographical point that positions it as an accessible and well-connected city. Its privileged location allows the new plant to be well connected, close to Barcelona’s airport, and has easy access to Barcelona’s Port and the main roads and railways.


Support for global clinical trials


The new plant houses an international clinical trials hub, one of the most innovative lines with the greatest growth potential, which is a centre of excellence for the group, with some 500 clinical trials a year.T his new global centre of excellence will provide support to research teams, pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations (CROs).


A comprehensive range of solutions


The new infrastructure integrates services for pharmacies and pharmaceutical laboratories in a single space, in order to provide a global solution to the market, through a whole range of services in a single space, such as the management of clinical trials or the strengthening of sales, so that this results in better pharmacy management and better end-patient care.


The new Alliance Healthcare space is also ready to carry out secondary manipulations for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics and healthcare industry.


Cutting-edge technology


The new operating centre also has the latest technological resources and specialized services to meet the needs of the market. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the automation of logistics processes and has cold and cryogenic warehouses, facilitating the meeting of all the needs of laboratories throughout the life cycle of their products.