Digital transformation and impact on talent

Welcome to second video of “In conversations with Barcelona & Partners”, an initiative where we gave our partners the opportunity to share their thoughts on Barcelona’s tech and talent future.


On this occasion, we have analysed two of the biggest challenges big companies are facing today. First is the digital transformation and how companies are adapting to the digital world. Second and very important, how companies are managing the attraction and the retention of talent. For that, we had with us Javier Olaizola, Managing Director at IBM Consulting Spain, who boasts long-standing experience and expertise in IT services and consulting.


Javier pointed out the importance of having a clear digital agenda, especially after the Covid pandemic which has caused a change in the employees’ expectations and needs. Nowadays the way of working has changed. The professionals not only expect for a career, they also ask from their companies for a different social responsibility, much more transparency, being part of the decisions that companies take.


The availability of talent is one of the main current concerns for companies when decide to expand their operations abroad. There is definitely a talent war, where Barcelona is well positioned as it is ranked as one of the best cities to work and live for digital talent.


According to Javier, “there is, in fact, a war on talent. And this is where Barcelona, I would say, takes a special relevance in the whole marketplace. We see in Barcelona, a big heritage of design. Secondly, also for Barcelona, I would say that there is an innovative and entrepreneurship culture. And thirdly, the other element we see in Barcelona, that is especially relevant for this topic is a social responsibility mindset… So, Barcelona has all the ingredients as well to have an active role in providing and supplying all this type of digital talent.”


Don’t miss the entire interview and know how Javier sees the future of Barcelona, as a city of talent.

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