Latest trends in consulting and their impact on companies and talent

We present our third video of “In conversations with Barcelona & Partners”, an initiative where we give our partners the opportunity to share their thoughts on Barcelona’s tech and talent present and future.


On this occasion, we had the opportunity of discussing the latest trends in consulting and their impact on companies and talent with Joan Sendra, Managing Director at Accenture Barcelona and Head of the International Consulting Hub,


Joan pointed out the main goal in consulting nowadays is to anticipate the needs of their clients and how they navigate through changes and get the best of all the innovations available. Joan also highlighted sustainability and digital transformation are impacting on how companies operate, and the main goal of Accenture is to help their clients to be more digital and more sustainable.


The new paradigm with digital talent working remotely is also affecting companies and is top of mind for C-levels. Accenture is already facing this new trend and Joan Sendra tells us about the profiles they are already hiring and how they are also investing in their teams in order to boost their digital and soft skills.

The availability of talent is one of the main current concerns for companies when deciding to expand their operations abroad, and Barcelona is particularly relevant in this aspect. Barcelona is flourishing in the digital aspect. We have witnessed big corporations setting up their innovation hubs here. An innovative and entrepreneurship mindset combined with an excellent quality of life.

According to Joan Sendra, “Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe.  And I think everyone is agree with that. But beyond that, invest in Barcelona is not only having access to a very competitive facilities or access to a very skilled workforce, or of course, being in a city that offers an excellent quality of life to anyone, no? Invest in Barcelona also means entering to an ecosystem of large corporations, and a very innovative startup ecosystem that can really help maximizing the business objectives that any company may plan when deciding why to come to Barcelona. I think that Barcelona offers this combination of ingredients that can really maximise the business objectives. That is the very reason I think any company may prioritize when deciding where to do their investments.”

Don’t miss the entire interview and find out more on how Accenture is tackling the new business consulting paradigm and how is its relationship with Barcelona.

At Barcelona & Partners we aim to keep growing the number of companies willing to invest in our city and make Barcelona, a global tech reference.

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