Barcelona is the European capital city of technological hubs

Barcelona is the European capital city of technological hubs

The Barcelona region consolidates its position as a pole of attraction for talent and technological projects. Over the last 5 years, the technology hubs in Barcelona and Catalonia has more than doubled, reaching a hundred of hubs (78% based in Barcelona), according to the Tech Hubs report, released by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Catalonia Trade & Investment and Ajuntament de Barcelona 

Nestlé, Pepsico, Ocado, Roche, Amazon, Bayer, Cisco, Danone, IBM, Enel, Zurich, Schneider Electric, Festo, King, Lidl, Sanofi, Microsoft, Alexion, Porsche Digital, Scopely, Teladoc… are just a few of these global companies that have selected Barcelona to establish their global technological hubs.  

These technological centres employ more than 15,000 people and generate an economic impact of more than 1,400 million euros annually.  

According to the report, the growth of technological hubs in Barcelona is an upward trend that is expected to be maintained for 2025 with a forecast of 20,000 jobs. 

Barcelona, a pool of talent

The attractiveness and availability of talent, together with the existing innovation ecosystem in the region, were key factors in choosing Barcelona as. the location of the hub. 

The arrival of international talent is also noteworthy. Four out of ten employees are foreigners; on average, companies have workers of 18 different nationalities. In addition, 86% of the people who work in a tech hub are between 31 and 40 years old, showing that technology is not only something for the youngest but also for professionals who already have years of working experience. The study on tech hubs also reflects that 30% of women already work in this sector, a figure higher than previous studies.

Diverse sectors in the technological hubs

The results of the study indicate that the majority of hubs specialise in the gaming and industry sectors. In addition, a significant number of hubs focus on the healthcare, financial services and food sectors. These hubs have contributed to the development of various technologies such as digital applications (APPs), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Systems Architecture, 3D printers and cybersecurity.

The report reveals that the hubs in Catalonia and Barcelona have established a substantial global presence, exporting their products and services to numerous regions around the world. In addition to Europe, their reach extends to North America, South America and Asia. In terms of the origin of the technology companies, 66% are European, while 23% come from the United States.