London’s Cazoo acquires Barcelona-based car subscription marketplace Swipcar

The British company Cazoo (listed on NYSE) acquires Barcelona-based rental and car subscription marketplace Swipcar. Another success story in the Barcelona entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Founded in the UK in 2018, Cazoo is one of Europe’s leading car retailers. Its mission is to transform the car buying and selling experience across Europe through offering better selection, value, transparency and convenience. The idea is to make buying and selling cars as simple as any other online transaction, where consumers can buy, sell, finance or subscribe to a car online in as little as 72 hours. 


“​​Cazoo has a clear vision and strategy that is fully aligned with ours and we are looking forward to joining forces and accelerating the launch of Cazoo and the digital transformation of the car buying, selling and subscription experience in Spain and across Europe.”, said Julio Ribes, CEO of Swipcar.


The Barcelona-based Swipcar also founded in 2018 employs a team of 100 people. It is a vehicle marketplace where the user can rent a car for months in exchange for a fixed fee that includes all maintenance costs, taxes and also insurance. The company works with more than 30 car brands and thanks to digitization it allows all procedures to be very fast and simple for the user. As well as operating in Spain, Swipcar recently launched in Italy and Portugal.