Business banking Qonto selects Barcelona to open a global Customer Service Hub

The French fintech Qonto established in Barcelona since June 2021, continues to bet on the Catalan capital with the opening of a global Customer Service hub and plans to reach 100 employees in Spain by 2023. 


This new hub will provide service to Spain, France, Italy and Germany, that is, the 4 countries where the company currently operates.  


Qonto specialises in financial management for SMEs and has just become the largest unicorn in France with a valuation of 4.4 billion euros in the last round of investment, an operation in which it has raised 486 million euros. Part of these resources will be allocated to the opening of the global Customer Service hub in Barcelona.  


«Qonto plans to invest 100 million euros in the Spanish market over the next two years and the Barcelona headquarters will get a good part of this money», says Carles Marcos i Guàrdia, Country Manager Spain at Qonto.  


«We have decided to redouble our commitment to the city because it is a pole of attraction for international talent and has good universities», assures Carles Marcos.

This is yet another example of Barcelona is gaining momentum as the city of talent. The access to qualified talent but also the ability to attract and retain it at competitive cost is one of the strengths of Barcelona and one of the main reasons companies from abroad keep deciding to settle down in the city. This attribute ranks Barcelona as TOP 10 most attractive global cities for Digital Talent according with Boston Consulting Group.