BIGO Live establishes its European headquarters for Spain and Portugal in Barcelona

BIGO LIVE, a global live streaming platform integrated into the BIGO Technology group, owned by the Chinese multinational JOYY, has chosen Barcelona as the location for its first European headquarters. From here, it will manage its business for Spain and Portugal.

Barcelona & Partners, the investment attraction agency of Barcelona Global, has assisted the multinational in the selection process of the city as its base on the Iberian Peninsula, providing support and guidance in the decision-making process.

BIGO LIVE is a global social live streaming platform that allows users to broadcast videos from anywhere and at any time. It is part of the global technology company headquartered in Singapore, BIGO Technology, which is itself owned by the Chinese company JOYY, listed on Nasdaq.

The company currently boasts more than 400 million users in 150 countries, making it the world’s leading live video streaming platform. Meanwhile, BIGO Technology, the parent company, is one of Singapore’s fastest-growing technology firms, with more than 30 offices and 6 research and development centers worldwide.

BIGO LIVE’s new Barcelona headquarters will be its first office in Europe and will focus primarily on business development and initiatives related to marketing, tailoring its products and services to the preferences and interests of its audience in the Iberian Peninsula.

Strategic Location

The launch of operations in Barcelona will require a team of around twenty people, which will expand as the company establishes itself in the market.

The General Manager of Barcelona & Partners, Montse Puig, explained that in choosing Barcelona as the location for its first European office, BIGO LIVE considered the city’s «vibrant creative community aligned with the company’s values, such as promoting innovation.»

In this regard, Kexin Liu, Manager of BIGO LIVE in Spain and Portugal, stated, «The dynamic environment of the city fits perfectly with our culture, allowing us to further enhance our offerings and connect with our diverse user base in Europe.»

BIGO LIVE also took into account Barcelona’s strategic location, providing «excellent connections throughout Europe and the rest of the world, making it a central hub for our international expansion efforts, allowing us to maximize our efficiency and expand our operations more effectively,» Liu explained.

«The city’s robust infrastructure and favorable business environment have played a crucial role in BIGO’s decision-making,» added Montse Puig.

Barcelona & Partners is the agency driven by the Barcelona Global Association for attracting technology companies, talent, and innovative initiatives that have a significant socio-economic impact in Barcelona. It focuses on sectors where the city has a strong value proposition, such as Life Sciences, Digital Tech, Advanced Manufacturing, Climate Tech, and Gaming.

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