Barcelona & Partners visits the bases of the teams participating in the 37th America’s Cup

Last March 2022, we had the honour to experience firsthand the announcement of Barcelona as the venue for the 37th America’s Cup

Barcelona & Partners, by gathering the support of local administrations and a consortium of private investors, tilted the balance in favour of Barcelona’s candidacy. The quality of Barcelona’s port facilities, the diversity in venues allocated for the competition and the city’s experience in hosting major sporting events were critical in ensuring the success of the bid. A legacy in nautical sports as well as the strength of the Barcelona brand further encapsulated the city’s offering for 2024. 
The America’s Cup, the pinnacle of yachting, is one of the most watched sporting events in the world, as well as the oldest trophy in international sports arena, predating the modern Olympic Games by 45 years.  
The celebration of this prestigious sporting event will have an estimated economic impact of $1B and will attract millions of people. In addition to spectators attending, organising teams will settle in Barcelona in the months prior to ensure the success of the competition. 
For the first time in the history of the competition, the Women’s America’s Cup regatta will take place as well as the popular Youth America’s Cup sailing race. This upcoming edition will feature the Hydrogen Project, which focuses on the development of hydrogen engines for support vessels. 
The America’s Cup will promote Barcelona on the global scale, being the only city in History to host both the Summer Olympic Games and the America’s Cup. This prestigious sporting event will boost the local economy and spearhead sustainability and innovation in the nautical industry. The creation of quality employment combined with new investment will leave a long-lasting legacy for the city. 

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful day with Port de Barcelona and our partners and to stay close to the bases of all 6 teams participating in the 37th America’s Cup. It was a unique experience to see how the Port of Barcelona is getting ready to host this prestigious sporting event.  



A special thank you to Port the Barcelona for all the support and assistance provided and to our partners for the commitment and support to our project.