Barcelona & Partners in New York to present the city’s powerful tech ecosystem

Barcelona & Partners, Barcelona Global’s investment attraction agency, shared the powerful tech ecosystem of Barcelona and the business opportunities the city offers to scale ups, corporates, and investors. This happened during the Fast Growth Summit, a high-level event organized by the New York-based venture capital firm called Left Lane Capital. 


The city of Barcelona has emerged as a prominent innovation hub. The access to skilled talent at scale, and ability to attract it, its thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, the increasing number of global companies, and great quality of life, are just some of the elements that make Barcelona one of the world’s best cities to expand a business to. 


“As an investment agency, our aim is to continuously grow the number of multinational companies as well as scaleups looking to invest in our city and transform Barcelona into a global reference. New York is undoubtedly the perfect platform to present why US companies are flocking to Barcelona”, stated Montse Puig, CEO of Barcelona & Partners during the event.  



Barcelona, a hub for innovative companies 


Barcelona is gaining momentum. Over the last few years, the Catalan city has welcomed global projects from US tech giants like: Microsoft, Pepsico, Google, Intel, Amazon, Apple, Pepsico, Meta, Salesforce, Autodesk, HP, Teladoc Health, just to name a few, that have selected Barcelona as their hub for innovation, new digital business models or artificial intelligence hub.  


Pepsico chose Barcelona for its first global digital hub from where the company employs more than 400 professionals; Microsoft selected Barcelona as the location for its new R&D hub specialised in the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies; HP has its largest industrial 3D printing and digital manufacturing centre of excellence based in Barcelona with over 1,500 employees.  


Another indicator of the consolidation of its innovative ecosystem is the increasing interest of investors and entrepreneurs. Barcelona’s sizeable startup ecosystem accounts for more than 2,000 startups and 7 unicorns, and it ranks as the 2nd favourite European hub for founders for setting up a startup. The city has also attracted large US multinationals such as Apple, Take Two or Airbnb, which added Barcelona-based startups to their portfolio.  


Barcelona & Partners aims to attract US innovative companies  


With the goal of increasing the number of scaleups and corporates willing to invest in Barcelona, it is crucial for Barcelona & Partners to attend high-level events in strategic regions like New York where its target companies are located.  


During its trip to New York, the strategic investment agency for Barcelona also hosted an intimate gathering co-organised with one of its partners, the international law firm Cuatrecasas. They had the opportunity to present why Barcelona is an ideal location for US companies and how Barcelona & Partners can support them in their growth plans.