On Friday 24th November, Barcelona & Partners, Barcelona Global’s investment attraction agency, co-organised an event with partner Ajuntament de L’Hospitalet at Hotel Porta Fira Barcelona. The event was aimed at boosting the BioCluster project, which is set to span across the areas of L’Hospitalet and Esplugues de Llobregat, in Barcelona. 

BioCluster Project: Transforming the life sciences landscape in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area

The BioCluster has been promoted by the City Councils of L’Hospitalet and Esplugues, the Bellvitge Hospital, the University of Barcelona Bellvitge campus, the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO), and the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, with the support of the Catalan and Spanish Governments.


The goal of the BioCluster project is to enhance biomedical research and innovation by attracting companies from the health, medical technology, biomedicine and pharmaceutical industries to form a powerful ecosystem around health sciences.  


The economic impact of the Innovation and Health BioCluster, which aspires to become the most significant biomedical hub in southern Europe, is estimated at a turnover of €7 billion and the creation of 48,200 new jobs. 

Mayors and Leaders Share Enthusiasm

The event brought together over a hundred professionals from administrations and businesses in the life sciences and health sectors. The focal point of this gathering was the introduction of the groundbreaking BioCluster project, set to unfold in the vibrant areas of L’Hospitalet and Esplugues de Llobregat, within the city of Barcelona.

The event saw engaging presentations from key figures such as the Mayors of L’Hospitalet, Nuria Marín, and Esplugues, Pilar Diaz, along with Barcelona Global’s President, Maite Barrera. Together, they emphasized how the BioCluster initiative is poised to revolutionise the metropolitan landscape of Barcelona, establishing it as a leading innovation hub in southern Europe.

«It will be a magnet for new investments, laboratories, and biomedicine companies, generating wealth and attracting talent. The synergy of these elements position Barcelona, L’Hospitalet, and Esplugues at the forefront of cities leading in the field of life sciences and health,» stated Maite Barrera, president of Barcelona Global.





Driving Biomedical Research and Innovation

At the heart of the BioCluster project is a mission to catalyze biomedical research and innovation. The strategy involves attracting companies in health, medical technology, biomedicine, and the pharmaceutical industry. This collaborative effort aims to construct a robust ecosystem dedicated to advancing health sciences.


Eva Jodar, of CBRE, presented the upcoming projects that will enhance Barcelona’s medical and scientific capabilities, fortifying its position and creating new investment opportunities. The event also featured speeches from Francesc Belver, Deputy Mayor of L’Hospitalet, and Raul Alvarín, who presented the Urban Development Plan.


Belver informed the sector about the current status of the Biopol-Gran Via Urban Development Plan, which will cover a total area of 96 hectares, of which 556,000 square meters will be buildable land, in addition to 498,000 square meters of green areas.


Finally, Dr. Gabriel Capellá, Director of IDIBELL, and Dr. Cristina Capdevila, Director of Bellvitge Hospital Universitari, presented the project from the perspective of its impact on innovation in health. In addition to creating new infrastructure, the BioCluster will also generate services through the establishment of a Smart Health Community, currently being developed by project partners. The goal is to improve citizens’ health through the use of technology, digitization, and their applications in personalized medicine.









The project aims to economically strengthen the sector, promote research, generate knowledge, transfer technology to the productive sector, and pursue intelligent specialization in the territory in personalized medicine and digital transformation. Certainly, this project marks a significant milestone in the life sciences ecosystem in Barcelona city.