Barcelona & Partners attracts innovative companies and initiatives to Barcelona

Barcelona & Partners is a private and selective investment agency which aims to attract innovative companies and impactful projects and initiatives that will have a major socio-economic impact on Barcelona. Barcelona & Partners is a non-profit initiative created by Barcelona Global


Barcelona & Partners attracts foreign direct investment from scale-ups and or strategic departments of established corporations that will have a meaningful economic impact in the city via job generation in a sustainable manner. They can be companies or special projects such as the America’s Cup Barcelona 2024.  Barcelona & Partners also fosters top-notch events and acts as strategic partners supporting location decision, enabling network access and alliances, and defining roadmaps for further development of their projects in the city.


With an innovative business intelligence approach to identify and target relevant companies for Barcelona, the agency proactively seeks new economy companies that match the talent available in Barcelona and its assets.


Since our foundation in 2021, we successfully drove the expansion projects for over 17 innovative companies, as well as one impactful project such as the 37th America’s Cup Barcelona. The agency has been also instrumental in the development of a new facility for R&D, design and prototyping of chips made with advanced materials that would be a a game-changer for the EU semiconductor ecosystem.


At Barcelona & Partners, we are focused on certain key sectors that are shaping the future of our world, such as Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, Smart Mobility, Gaming and Digital Tech and where Barcelona has a strong value proposition.


International expansion is always a key consideration in your company’s growth journey. And Barcelona offers you all the elements you need for your business to thrive.


At Barcelona & Partners we listen carefully to your growth plans, we analyse with you how our research ecosystems, private corporations and local and European financing instruments can be a trigger for your decision. In short, we build the case for Barcelona as the best location for your business expansion.  

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