60% of Catalan companies will innovate in 2023

60% of Catalan companies will innovate in 2023, a four-point increase from last year. This is almost 4 percentage points more than the companies that did so last year (56.4%). 


According to the Barometer of Innovation in Catalonia released by ACCIÓ, the R&D activity of Catalan companies is growing and aimed at introducing new products or services to the market, implementing new business models, or applying for patents. 


Innovation is the lifeblood of progress, and Catalonia’s dynamic business environment will undoubtedly lead to groundbreaking developments that will impact industries far and wide.  

It’s a testament to the region’s exceptional talent, resourcefulness, and forward-thinking mindset. 


The region’s business sector has primarily innovated in product development (almost 60% of the companies that innovated in 2022) and information and communication systems (50%). Not to mention those companies that have innovated in production processes (37.2%), business process development (35.1%), administration and management (28.4%), marketing and sales (26.8%), and logistics and distribution (7.9%)