Sanofi strengthens its global Digital Hub in Barcelona and will hire 100 professionals in 2022

The multinational French pharmaceutical company Sanofi established in Barcelona in 2016 its Global Innovation Center. It already has 300 people of 40 nationalities in charge of accelerating the digital transformation of the company and developing global projects in the areas of finance, supply chains and data management.


Sanofi continues to bet on its Global Digital Hub in Barcelona and plans to hire 100 professionals mainly in the areas of data technology, SAP, software development and machine learning, according to the laboratory. The increase in its workforce by more than 80% shows the company’s commitment to the city. 


«Barcelona is now a real talent incubator for Sanofi and the region,» says Alexander Press, Head of ITS and Supply Chain at Sanofi


The new team will be incorporated into one of the multiple strategic digital transformation programs that Sanofi runs from Barcelona such as the finance department or supply chain.


The centre in Barcelona also analyzes the supply chain of 69 manufacturing plants, another 200 external, 150 distribution centers and four business units. In addition, among other tasks, they redesign the finance and back-office processes of the company’s business activities.


The centre manages iShift, a program of continuous optimization of Sanofi’s financial and manufacturing processes and already manages 35% of the pharmaceutical company’s revenue, although the challenge is to reach 100% by 2025. iShift processes a daily sales of 110 million euros in 9 countries and it has been implemented in 10 factories and in 10 distribution centers and processes more than 5,000 transactions per day.


The French company is also managing from Barcelona the SCCore Program. It is a software that allows demand and production planning, as well as logistics or reducing inventories.